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Discover the Top 5 Things That Can Impact How Your Life Will Be In The Coming Years 

…and how you can change them to be in your favor.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • Challenges of Longevity

  • The Blueprints for Your Health

  • How to Calculate Your Minimum Potential Years Remaining

  • The 3 Life-Changing Principles

  • Finding the Energy to Change

  • The Health Care Hierarchy

  • …And More!

One of the most frustrating things in the world is not being able to participate in life’s enjoyable activities as you age. An unfortunate fact is that many people in the world today will live a long life and not have prepared themselves for it.

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Find Out the 5 Things That Can Impact How Your Life Will Be In The Coming Years!

Call 253-854-3040 to attend this workshop and learn about the decisions you should make to have the best life ever as you age.

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How do I Get In?
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Call 253-854-3040 or Fill out the Short Form to RSVP for this Special Event! Our Office will Call you to confirm the details and (if you are one of the first 29 people) get your meal choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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Does Your Office Require X-Rays or Advanced Imaging?

We do not Xray or use advanced imaging on all of our patients. If, after an exam is given, the Doctor requires further imaging to make a diagnosis, he will recommend that at the time. We only believe in doing advanced imaging when it is absolutely necessary to make a diagnosis.

Does Your Office Accept my Insurance?

We accept a variety of insurance coverage. To confirm benefits, fill out the form above so that our office can call you and get your information. We will then contact your insurance company and confirm that you are covered before you decide to move forward.

What if My Insurance isn’t Accepted?

We have a variety of options to make treatment affordable for our patients who don’t have insurance or fall outside of our coverage area. We do everything we can to make the cost of care easy and affordable for everyone who is trying to get well.

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How Much Does it Cost?

Every patient has a different condition and because of that each patient will have a different treatment plan. We will always explain the cost before we do anything that you have to pay for and will also assist you in payment options. We would be happy to talk with you on specifics at any time via phone or in the office.

What If I’m Afraid of the Chiropractor because of Something I’ve heard a Friend Say?

We understand. Over the years there has been a ton of misinformation about the safety of Chiropractic. While Chiropractic has been proven time and again to be one of the safest treatments for Musculoskeletal conditions, we still understand your concern. In our office, we never do anything without explaining it to you first and getting your permission. We have a strict “No Surprises” Policy when it comes to treatment and that’s just one of the reasons that first time Chiropractic Patients (as well as patients who have used our services for years) love our office so much.

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