S. Blair


He and his friendly office staff really care about their patients!

I am a patient of Dr. Allan McCord. I am a lifelong golfer and have competed at the World Long Drive Finals for several years. I went to Dr. McCord because of pain in my neck and back, along with recent reduced range of motion and flexibility. Dr. McCord has a sports and athletic background and has taken great care in evaluating, diagnosing and treating my previously unknown degenerative spinal conditions. Since starting treatment, I have less back and neck pain, and much better posture and increased strength and flexibility. He and his friendly office staff really care about their patients. I recommend you call Dr. McCord and visit him for an evaluation and to discuss how he can help improve your daily quality of life, and improve your long term overall and spinal health.

Brad Habenicht - Maple Valley, WA

Treatment has also been superb!

Dr. McCord is one of the rare doctors that is actually interested in his patient’s well being rather than a just focused on treating as many people as possible. His treatment has also been superb in that my neck and back pain have been resolved and as a result my overall health has improved. I enjoy the appointments because I receive excellent care from a man that cares.

Ransom A , Pacific