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Why Chiropractic Care Works & Real Results

Why Chiropractic Care WorksOnly 10% of your central nervous system perceives pain.  Up to 90% can be heavily stressed without alarms, bells or whistles (symptoms)!Since your spinal cord runs inside the spinal column, which is made up of 24 moveable spinal bones and carries your inner power source, it stands to reason that it has the greatest opportunity to interfere with the power of your nerve flow.  Generally most people think we are bone doctors but we really are more nerve specialist.When a spinal vertebra shifts out of place, due to physical impacts or stresses the body can’t adapt to, it puts remarkable pressure on the spinal cord and spinal nerves causing an interruption to the vital nerve flow within your body. This condition is referred to as VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION.

Chiropractors are highly credentialized Vertebral Subluxation Specialists who focus on removing nerve interference. The professionals at Kent East Chiropractic are available to start you toward the health you deserve – OPITIMAL HEALTH!

Using the Right Tools for the Best Results

At Kent-East Chiropractic, we use state-of-the-art chiropractic advances, such as sEMG (Surface Electromyography), which measures spinal muscle tension, which is closely related to the Vertebral Subluxation Complex.Computerized range of motion analysis which evaluates the potential increases and/or decreases in the regional motion of the spine.  Other tests like a thorough detailed posture analysis, bilateral grip strength test, bilateral weight scale measurements, and the various neurological and orthopedic tests and procedures, along with the standard radiographic evaluations when appropriate.

Case Study #1

Case Study #1 Neck Xray Richard – Male – Age 29.
Richard came in with symptoms of neck & back pain, stiffness and a numb feeling in his abdomen – all resulting from a car accident.120 days later – he was pain free and the numb area was gone.

 Richard’s range of motion – in this case his head/neck rotation – was majorly improved in the first 90 days of treatment – as exampled by these test results.Richard says that chiropractic care has improved his life; “I no longer have numbness and pain….I used to have chronic heartburn and restricted breathing. That has stopped since I have been in chiropractic care with Dr. McCord.”


Kent East Chiropractic Real ResultsThe test reading indicates the marked improvement in rotation in just three months. The image on the left shows the limitation compared to the AMA standard. The second result shows Richard’s improvement and increased flexibility back the the normal.

 Case Study #2

Pelvis Xray Before-After Kent East ChiropracticDara – Male – Age 19.
Dara came in with symptoms of headaches, ears ringing (tinnitus), numbness and back pain – in the mid & lower back. These were resulted from injuries (subluxations) in an auto accident.

After 10 months of care, the symptoms were gone.

Kent East Chiropractic Chiropractor Kent Wa

Chiropractic Kent Wa

Over the 10 months fo treatment – Dara was able to regain freedom from pain & headaches. The stress in his lower back are greatly reduced – as the diagram shows the reduction of muscle tension.
Dara says that the care at Kent East Chiropractic has been a “big stress relief” as the symptoms and pain have been relieved. He says that “Chiropractic care does work and it’s the best method of prevention…”


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