What We Do

Our mission at Kent-East Chiropractic is to

“Educate and adjust as many families as possible towards optimal health through natural chiropractic care.”

We do this through thorough examinations and assessment of each patient’s needs and conditions.  We accomplish our mission by educating our patients and equipping them to manage their on going health care needs, for example, a complete and customized at home stretching and exercise program.

Some of Our Main Services Include:

We also help patients that have acute/chronic disc problems with our non-surgical spinal disc decompression technology.  Since 2006 we have helped over 1,000 patients with this procedure.  Many of them significantly reduced and/or eliminated their pain medications and well over 110 avoided necessary surgery that was recommended to them before we started our care.  If you are looking for conservative options, this is certainly one to considered.  Check out our decompression website at www.kechiro.com

We also incorporated a new technology that Japanese health providers have used for 40 years called “Kangen drinking water”.  It is a high powered antioxidant, alkaline, mineral enriched, microclustered, super hydrating water that really contributes to our patient’s health improving.  Our patients drink it during the time they are under our care and it can shorten the recovery time significantly.  Ask us about it when you call.  Please check out this website. www.healthiesthydrate.com


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