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Experiencing Neck and Back Pain?

At Kent East Chiropractic, we care about easing your pain.  We have a proven, effective treatment plan that will bring you relief from chronic neck and back pain.

To aid in the process, we’ve developed a few tips that are designed to help ease some of the pain during your chiropractic treatment.

Do you barely get through the day without experiencing some sort of back pain?

Are you constantly rubbing your neck or have trouble turning from side to side?

If this sounds all too familiar to you, we’re here to help. Let’s start with a few short tips and techniques to help with your neck and back pain problems. It helps to understand how and why you are having this issue and what steps you can take in order to live a healthy life.   

If you experience back pain and you smoke, you need to stop as quickly as possible. One of the nasty negative effects of cigarette smoking is the intake of nicotine. Nicotine reduces blood circulation throughout your body, including your spinal column, and that increases your threat of back pain.

Try not to wear tight clothing that restricts regular motion and adds to bad posture. Whenever an item of clothing keeps you from moving as you typically would, it can possibly cause neck and back pain. Extremely tight clothes can also make your legs and parts of your back numb.

Drink lots of water. This addresses a great deal of concerns, surrounding pain in your back. Water is necessary to help keep your joints loose and your discs in your back from being compressed. Both of these problems can cause major back problems, so drinking a great deal of water everyday can be the most beneficial (and most convenient) preventative measure in your toolbox!

You also need to be careful about lifting things correctly, even when you are lifting or nursing your children. Many moms and dads injure their backs when rough housing with their kids.  Similarly, lots of brand-new mothers strain their backs while nursing. Discomfort from these injuries is easily prevented by lifting your children from your knees and holding them closer to your body.

Another tip to lower pain in your neck and back is to learn the warning signs. Learn what triggers your neck and back pain. Look for circumstances and routines in your life that are known stress factors. Find methods to minimize those issues, whether it be eliminating the habit totally or doing it in a brand-new less hazardous way.

For the treatment of neck and back pain, it’s a good idea to seek chiropractic care. Often times chiropractic treatment can help with an adjustment, and make you feel 10 times better almost immediately. When compared to taking medication, which only treats the signs and symptoms, chiropractic care gets right to the root of the problem.

Use ergonomically designed chairs. Chairs with great back support that you don’t have to struggle to get in and out of will certainly help secure your back. A great chair will certainly provide great support and alleviate any back pain by ensuring not to create more strain on your neck and back.

You know how bad it can be to try to get through a day with terrible neck or back pain.  Try a few of these suggestions to seek comfort.  You can also try rehabilitation therapy to help ease your pain.  Be sure to schedule an appointment to begin your journey to a pain-free lifestyle with regular chiropractic care.
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