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Vitality: The Secret To A Good Life?

Look up "vitality" in the dictionary and you may see words like "energy and strength," "the state of being strong and active," "power of enduring," "the capacity to live and develop," and "physical or mental vigor."

With those definitions in mind, could vitality be the secret to an engaged and connected life? We asked members of the Get Old community, what vitality means to them.

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6 of the Best Foods and Drinks to eat after exercising

You picked out a killer playlist, stretched thoroughly and then gave 150 percent in your workout. So now you're done, right?
Not so fast. "The food you eat within the first few minutes after a workout is one of the most important and underrated parts of training," says personal trainer Lisa Reed.

In order to help your body recover faster, as well as repair and build new muscle tissue, you'll want to refuel soon after working out with a small number of carbohydrates and protein.

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The Secret that People who live vibrant, healthy lives well beyond the age of 100 know

Low levels of inflammation -- the long-term overactivation of the immune response -- may be the answer, suggests a new study of centenarians from researchers in England and Japan. People with lower markers of chronic inflammation also tend to be less likely to develop diseases, meaning suppressing inflammation could be the No. 1 key to not only living longer but to staying healthy longer.

"Centenarians and supercentenarians are different -- put simply, they age slower," Dr.

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Health Care Values of Stressless People

People who Stress Less. Live More. think differently about their health. They have different priorities and values. They don't wait for a crisis to take care of themselves.

Stress is a part of life, always has been. It does not have to affect your health. 100-Year-Old people have lived through wars, recessions, The Great Depression – each decade bringing its own change, its own stress, and its own opportunity to live your best life every day.

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Man Up, Stand Strong!

If you are a man and you are reading this article, then I am glad we got your attention. The term "man up" is the expression used by many men that describes taking on challenges, facing fears and accepting responsibility. "Stand strong" implies overcoming adversity and promoting and defending your beliefs. In this context, to ensure that you can "man up" and "stand strong" for a lifetime, it is critical that you make your health a priority.

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Tech is turning millennials into a generation of hunchbacks

In his late teens, Charles Youn, now 29, developed the habit of hunching over his phone. Last year, he was diagnosed with "tech neck," which has resulted in pain and trouble sleeping.

For years, Charles Youn, 29, suffered from upper-back pain and neck soreness that made him hunch his shoulders and caused him to wake up numerous times throughout every night. He was in pain and constantly fatigued, drinking too much coffee to combat the sluggishness.

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