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Sitting Vs. Standing-Which One Is Better For Your Health?

Sitting Vs. Standing-Which One Is Better For Your Health?Which is the better way to work? Sitting or Standing?

We've done a little research to find the answers for you. Read on...

An article on the Washington State L & I blog ponders the issue of sitting vs. standing. You'll be surprised at their findings.

According to the article, a number of scientific studies show that extended sitting carries a variety of health risks, including heart disease, diabetes, cancer and dementia.

However, while plenty of studies show that sitting is bad, it turns out that there haven't been studies showing that standing at your desk is better.

A surprising discovery
When L&I employees started using sit-stand desks a few years ago, some never stood up even when they had the option, and others stood all day long and complained of fatigue in their back, legs and feet.
Stephen Bao, PhD, a researcher in our SHARP (Safety and Health Assessment for Research and Prevention) Program, wondered what would be the ideal amount of time to sit or stand and how often you should alternate positions.
He looked for studies and, to his surprise, he couldn't find any current scientific consensus in the U.S or internationally on the measurable benefits of sit-stand desks. Nor were there any guidelines about the amount (or proportion) of standing, the frequency and timing of changing position, or any other recommendations.
Now, that's about to change. A study is underway here at L&I to analyze the effect of sit-stand desks and to develop guidelines for their use.
(source: Washington State L & I Blog )

An article in Forbes online shows the results of a study about employees who used the standing desk workstations. According to the article, the researchers "found that "nearly 75% of those working at stand-capable workstations experienced decreased body discomfort after using these desks for the six-month duration of the study. Which also goes to the point that it takes some time to adapt to a combination of sitting and standing, and no one should go into this thinking they'll magically acclimate right away."

Our friends at NPR also chime in with a similar article and in summary suggests that you stand only in moderation. With arguments on both sides and numerous tests and other research, it's safe to say that some standing along with part time sitting will probably reap the most health benefits.

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