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Let's Talk about a Spoon or a Bridge- Which One Are You?

Let's Talk about a Spoon or a Bridge- Which One Are You?This article from Daily Mail talks about the factors that determine whether you have a greater chance of having back problems..

According to the article, "Your 'posture profile' can identify whether you will suffer from aches and pains in later life, the British Chiropractic Association has said.
People whose heads lean forward are most likely to suffer back pain, its survey found.
Whether you are a 'spoon', 'bridge', 'leaning tower' or 'flat-pack' will determine your risk of having problems later.
While previous indicators have focused on body shapes, with larger-breasted women and 'apple' shapes being seen as a warning sign, this new research shows posture could be key in preventing back pain."

This is an interesting article that may help you avoid future pain by simply changing your posture.

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