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What's Batman Got to do with Chiropractic?

What's Batman Got to do with Chiropractic?Did you know that Batman is actually an athlete? I found this article about the Batman vs. Superman movie that came out not too long ago. The article by Sara Butler talks about the athletic ability that Batman needs to fight crime every day and, like other athletes, how chiropractic care can help Batman stay at peak performance.
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Have you seen the new Batman v Superman movie? It made a bazillion dollars in its first weekend in theaters. To say a lot of people have been excited about it is an understatement -- it's Batman for crying out loud! Why do you think it is that Batman has become one of the world's favorite superheroes? Probably because he's just an incredibly handsome normal guy (with billions of dollars) who puts on a cool suit, has come crazy awesome gadgets and fights crime as if someone mysteriously killed his parents.

Oh wait, someone did. So he puts away the Penguin, roughs up the Riddler, and flattens False Face. He's the bane of Bane's existence. Do I even mention Catwoman? Should I?

What's not to love about America's foremost caped crusader? Well, what Batman probably doesn't love is all of those aches and pains he has after he takes off his batsuit and retires to Wayne Manor for the day. Chances are Batman needs a chiropractor.

Injuries from High Impact

When you break it down, Batman is an athlete. Sure, he has the fancy gadgets and the batmobile, but he still has to jump, fight and run – and all of these things can wear down even the most super of super heroes after a while. According to WebMD, high-impact sports put as much strain on the body as an auto accident. If Batman feels like he's been hit by a truck (which he actually may have), there's a good reason why. It ain't easy saving Gotham City.

All athletes -- and superheroes -- should have routine chiropractic adjustments so that they may:

Improve athletic/physical performance
Increase their range of motion
Have better flexibility
Improve nerve communication between the brain and body
Ultimately suffer from fewer injuries
Chiropractic adjustments for athletes help to keep the spinal nerves from becoming irritated between the vertebrae in the spine, which means healing time may be reduced and ultimately athletic and crime-fighting performance will be better. It also means you're more mentally sharp, and that's important when matching wits with the Joker. Plus, that batsuit is heavy.

Batman Needs Chiropractic

Who knows what's inside the batsuit, but there's no doubt that Batman would benefit from one of several conveniently located The Joint Chiropractic clinics around Gotham City. Why? Because chiropractic can improve joint function thereby improving mobility, something much needed by our athletic hero. In addition, enhancing physical performance by improving nerve communication to his tissues, cells and organs doesn't hurt either. It's no wonder major athletes seek chiropractic care as their natural treatment of choice.

There is no other regular guy alive -- one who doesn't have superpowers -- who endures what Batman must in order to keep his city safe. But not all his answers are in the Batcave. Not when it comes to the health that will carry him toward his next showdown with the likes of Mr. Freeze or Poison Ivy. That's why Bruce Wayne should find a chiropractor, and he should get on it faster than a speeding bullet.

Then again, maybe that's Alfred's job.
source:Sara Butler

Are you an athlete taking advantage of chiropractic care? If so, congratulations! You know that you are giving your body what it needs to stay strong.

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