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Backpack Safety Tips

Backpack Safety TipsSchool is starting again and families are gearing up for busy schedules, homework, after school activities and the hectic pace of our 21st century lifestyles. To ensure that your child has a healthier, more successful year, it is important to have their back aligned, balanced and on track.
More than 40 Million students carry school backpacks. Backpacks that are too heavy or worn incorrectly can injure your child's back, neck and shoulders, which can lead to other health problems.

Kids can injure their spine but remain symptom free until later on in life when the damage becomes more permanent. This can be avoided with regular chiropractic care.
Here are a few tips on Backpack use for adults and children.

1. Choose the right size; not too big or too small.

2. Pack right; not to exceed 15% of your body weight.

3. Lift right; face the pack & lift with the knees, transferring it to your pack.

4. Wear right; snug- not too tight and use waist strap.

5. Don't over-pack, watch the weight, never carry your backpack on one shoulder only.

Heavy backpacks, playground and sports injuries can cause non-structural or functional scoliosis, an abnormal curvature of the spine that typically appears in early adolescence. This type of scoliosis develops as a result of misalignment and pressure on the spine and nervous system. Functional scoliosis often can be corrected by addressing the underlying condition through chiropractic care.

As you make your Back to School list remember to make an appointment for a "School's Back" Spinal Exam. This simple examination can determine if your child's spine is on track or off track. Chiropractic care can keep your child's spine and nervous system healthy and ensure your best school year ever. Get them started on the right track today!

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