Chiropractic Care for Fibromyalgia


How Can Chiropractic Treatment Help My Fibromyalgia?

According to an article on,  patients have been seeking chiropractic care increasingly often. The article states that “because fibromyalgia causes numerous tender points all over the body, many fibromyalgia patients suffer from back pain, neck pain, and leg cramps. In an attempt to solve these problems, many sufferers have looked to chiropractors. Because simple adjustments to the neck and spine can restore the carriage of the whole body, a lot of fibromyalgia sufferers find that alignments of the spine can significantly reduce pain all over their bodies.”

Many fibromyalgia patients suffer from a condition called upper cervical spinal stenosis.  There have also been many studies that show that chiropractic treatment through spinal manipulation, soft tissue therapy, and passive stretching improved patients’ cervical and lumbar ranges of motion, straight leg raise, and reported pain levels in some patients who suffer from FM.

Chiropractic treatment can relieve some of the pain, improve sleep and reduce fatigue that occurs in patients diagnosed with this type of pain.  While there is currently no cure for Fibromyalgia (FM), the symptoms, including pain and tenderness in the neck and shoulders, headaches, muscle tension, leg cramps, numbness in the hands and feet, are such that patients can seek relief through chiropractic care and treatment.

Chiropractic care corrects misalignment of the spine and joints. Treatments such as massage therapy, rehabilitative therapy, spinal disc decompression, and other non-invasive techniques can help make fibromyalgia less painful over time for most patients.  Chiropractic care is a safe, drug-free, cost effective treatment that helps to ease or even stop the pain you are experiencing from this chronic and debilitating condition.

If you have a nagging symptom, chronic condition, or are looking to improve your health and reach peak performance levels, today is the day to make an appointment for a chiropractic evaluation. And when you do, don’t just take the symptom treatment approach. Make the Critical Transition to Lifestyle Care so you can begin living your best life every day instead of wondering how your symptoms will disrupt your life down the road.

If someone you know is struggling with unresolved symptoms and they are ready for a more permanent solution, refer them to us. We’d be happy to meet with them and discuss how chiropractic may help them heal and live their ideal 100 Year Lifestyle too!


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