What Causes Back or Neck Pain?


What Causes back or neck pain?What Causes Back or Neck Pain?

In most instances, back or neck pain is caused by strains or other injuries to the muscles and ligaments surrounding the spinal column. These, in turn, may be caused by sports injuries or a sudden increase in physical activity to which the individual is not accustomed.

Viral infections may also cause flu like symptoms that are often accompanied by muscular pain affecting the neck and the back. The condition is known in medical circles as myalgia.

Another possible cause of your back or neck pain is the degenerative change that your spine undergoes. A person’s spinal column is made up of individual bones (vertebrae) that are joined together by the inter-vertebral discs, joints and ligaments. All these combined form the strong but flexible structure of your spine.

As a person ages (middle age and beyond), back or neck pain occurs as a result of the wear and tear of your inter-vetebral discs and other associated components of your spine. The number one cause of these degenerative changes is movement. Motion causes the neck (cervical) and the lower parts (lumbar) of the spine to gradually break down. Back or neck pain can disrupt work, other and routine daily activities you engage in.

Being biological structures, your ligaments and joints will try to heal and repair themselves but as a result, your spine also becomes deformed with several bulging discs, buckling ligaments, and bone spurs. These changes could also affect the canals through which the nerves pass through, pinching them as a result.

How Can Chiropractic Treatment Help?

Although there is no definitive cure, back or neck pain is a highly treatable condition. The most familiar therapy used to treat back and neck pain is medications with pain-killing or anti-inflammatory properties.

Visit Kent East Chiropractic. When you first visit our office, we’ll give you a detailed exam and talk with you about your back or neck pain and what you want from life. We’ll get you on the road from Crisis Care to Lifestyle Care.

When you are in pain, you want to go and get it taken care of. Sure, it works in the short term, but why not take steps to make that pain go away all together?

Chiropractic Care can relieve back and neck pain. Not just for the short term, but for a healthy lifestyle for as long as you may live. Who wouldn’t want that?

While back and neck pain can make your life awfully hard, majority of cases are treatable without resorting to surgery. There are also certain management steps you can take in order to handle the issues that may arise as a result of back and neck pain. These measures will not only help relieve the pain but also help you lower the likelihood of recurrences of this condition.

Chiropractic Care can relieve back or neck pain.



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